Matthew Moon has dedicated the greater part of his life to forging a sound that sits at the intersection of Pop and Folk. Since his debut 1999 album ‘More Than I Can Give’, the Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has stayed the course of writing music straight from the heart, and creating songs that foster positive change. 

With a versatile voice that has seen media draw comparisons to Freddy Mercury, Paul McCartney, and Ben Folds, Moon’s far-reaching vocal range has gone on to become a hallmark feature of his sound. From soothing melodies to burly, commanding growls, all wrapped up in his tight songwriting and mesmerizing storytelling abilities, Matthew Moon's music exudes a level of diversity and maturity that demonstrates his willingness to experiment. 

Embracing his creative curiosities from a young age, Moon tried his hand at a range of instruments, with the piano being his first foray into music. However, it was the guitar that he gravitated toward the most, and inevitably catalyzed his ventures into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. 

Over the course of his six studio albums, Moon's motivations for music have ebbed and flowed. At first fueled by the pain of loss and heartbreak and then inspired by the spiritual mysticism of Peru and India, Moon attests that his sound has now taken on an even deeper meaning. Infused with divine intention and beautifully curated songwriting, his forthcoming work promises to be Moon's most intimate to date. 

Moon is currently working on a full-length album that should see its release in 2023.